Do I have Log Damage?

Walk around your home and really examine each log...

Find logs that may look darker in color than the others, logs with a lot of bug holes or logs that have fungus growing on them. Hit the logs and listen for hollow spaces, take a knife and try to insert it into the log, if it goes in smoothly and far you know that log has a rotten area.
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To prevent future log damage remove the existing sealer off the logs by corn blasting, install impel rods in areas where rot is starting, apply borate into the logs, chink and caulk all seams to prevent water damage and apply a breathable sealer.

Remember that rot spreads like a cancer. If one log is rotten and you ignore it other logs around that log will eventually become rotten as well. The cheapest way to handle rotten logs is to fix them right away and maintain your home properly.
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