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At Woodstock Log Home Services log home application work is our specialty. We clearly understand the unique needs of log structures and the desires and needs of log home owners, builders and manufacturers.

John Doyle is the owner of the company and has many years of experience in the log home industry. He has built log homes where he not only constructed the home, but where he also designed and acted as a general contractor for all aspects including but not limited to the electrical system, plumbing system, excavation, window and door installation, flooring placement, roofing system, settling system, exterior and interior finishing work, deck and porch systems, etc…
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After gaining experience in the log home building aspect of the industry he saw a need for restoration services. He first restored his own private log residence 27 years ago and combined that knowledge with his new construction experience to create this new niche in the log home industry. There were numerous builders just like him in the area, but no one to help correct homes that have been standing for a number of years. What he found out was that there were homeowners desperate for someone qualified to restore and correct problems on their homes. This is when he turned his attention away from building to concentrate on this new area of the industry and Woodstock Log Home Services was really born.

Ever since then he has trained himself and others in this area. He and the company have restored and maintained literally hundreds of homes across the United States, Canada and overseas. The company has sent crews to almost every state from Maine to Arizona and will continue doing so while opening up new avenues in Canada and further west. The company has many satisfied customers, and can provide numerous references in every section of the country and beyond.

We have competitors, but Woodstock Log Home Services was the first to really learn and encompass this aspect of the log home industry. This being the case, Woodstock has tried and experimented with numerous products on the market for refinishing and finishing log homes. There are many different stain companies and log home product companies that may confuse homeowners by each up selling their products, but we have the experience with them and we know what products work and which do not. Our methods have been tried and proven that they are the best. 

We have faith in our work and offer a warranty and Service Contract System for those customers who want ongoing maintenance for their homes. We will annually inspect the structure, perform warranty work, a wash and clear coat application and recommend any other work that may be needed. This is helpful for customers who have a problem home due to how it was built or for customers who just don’t have the time or physical ambition to maintain the home on their own.

From a side project 27 years ago through the log home building boom in the 1980’s to maintaining and restoring in the 1990’s to the present, Woodstock Log Home Services has been built and maintained by a stable background and education in the log home industry.
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